Including brand identity, attributes, values, and packaging, we developed the brand strategy for Capsule medical application.

Capsule Brand Development

Client brief

Capsule is a medical mobile application platform that specializes in providing, managing, and distributing pharmaceuticals. Create strong and trusted connections between the different parties working in the medical supplements field to create a professional effective working environment between medical field workers.

Project brief

Tenchologya was tasked with developing a brand strategy, which included selecting a brand name, as well as brand attributes and values, and then developing the entire brand identity, including packaging.

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Our team managed E4Impact social media in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, increasing the number of enrollees and fulfilling the campaign's objectives.

We produced four short video clips designed to promote visitor and worker awareness, using a light animation style in Arabic and English.

We worked with Mala3eb managing various social media accounts in MENA and Gulf regions, conducting content in 7 countries.

For OXFAM, we produced a 2D animated video to communicate nutritional and food conservation messages.

As part of Sudacad's media production process, we created a highlight video for the facility and center.

In order to promote Sun Air Aviation through online channels, we planned, developed, and executed a local campaign.

We were responsible for the management of Orooma’s YouTube Advertisements campaign in Rwanda in their extension operation, and the generation of 3 video promotions.

We planned, developed, and executed a national 360 campaign through offline and online channels for IOM RCCE COVID-19 response.

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