Including brand identity, attributes, values, and packaging, we developed the brand strategy for Capsule medical application.

Capsule Brand Development

Client brief

Capsule is a medical mobile application platform that specializes in providing, managing, and distributing pharmaceuticals. Create strong and trusted connections between the different parties working in the medical supplements field to create a professional effective working environment between medical field workers.

Project brief

Tenchologya was tasked with developing a brand strategy, which included selecting a brand name, as well as brand attributes and values, and then developing the entire brand identity, including packaging.

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We planned, developed, and executed a national 360 campaign through offline and online channels for IOM RCCE COVID-19 response.

We worked with Mala3eb managing various social media accounts in MENA and Gulf regions, conducting content in 7 countries.

In addition to the postproduction phase, we were in charge of the process of shooting a documentary short film for the Coca-Cola plant in Sudan.

We provided strategy, content creation, daily designs, and reporting for KBCC's social media accounts.

For OXFAM, we produced a 2D animated video to communicate nutritional and food conservation messages.

We were responsible for the management of Orooma’s YouTube Advertisements campaign in Rwanda in their extension operation, and the generation of 3 video promotions.

Our task was to create a visually appealing and interactive website that reflected the brand and authority of TPRA.

As part of Sudacad's media production process, we created a highlight video for the facility and center.

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