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Our Story?

From one of a kind Sudanese techy show to a tech and media powerhouse, we, at Tenchologya, thrive for a digital future that we’ll help build. Between 2015 and now, Tenchologya had succeeded in providing services that are necessary to the local and regional market. These services had become Tenchologya’s vision, Pioneering the market towards a digital transition.


We were born


We’ve hit TV screens


A Digital Marketing Powerhouse


Leaping through Milestones




The application of Sudani culture to simplify foreign terminology to make it our own and since technology is the utilization of scientific knowledge for practical purposes in every industry, we add creativeness to the mix to give you our own Tenchologya.

Who We Are?

We’re dreamers, creatives, and some of the most brilliant young professionals in Khartoum who believe technology exists to serve humanity. Through our collective and diverse experiences together with our interdisciplinary academic and professional backgrounds, we are determined to provide the best services in our market niche.

What We Do?

Tenchologya is a one-stop digital services shop that builds your digital print and identity, boosts your product or services, and maintains your customer relationships through different digital marketing channels. Website development and Digital communication are our main specialties. We are proud to have served reputable entities helping 100+ clients within more than 10 countries worldwide. Our team of digital strategists combines business, marketing, communications, and design thinking to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic content for the campaigns.

Our philosophy


We aim to be the service provider of choice in the market and achieve the full potential of digital services for our clients.


We’re here to pioneer the market to a digital transition to meet growing marketplace and marketing needs.


We’re stationed at the future in order to be suitable for forward-thinking businesses to actualize their visions in the digital realm.

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Reach out

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