Our team created a UX/UI design proposal for Maydan's mobile app and a concept for their user themes that can be interchangeable.

Maydan UI/UX Design

Client brief

Maydan is a service that gives football clubs the chance to keep their fans up-to-date on news and information about their favorite sports teams and associations, and build up a fan base & boosts sales.

Project brief

Tenchologya team and their passion for sport along with technology were assigned for creating a UI/UX design proposal for the user experience of the user-facing mobile app and creating a concept for the interchangeable themes to keep fans updated with the latest news, press conferences, transfers & matches highlights. Creating a fan-zone for sports fans with an exceptional experience.

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For OXFAM, we produced a 2D animated video to communicate nutritional and food conservation messages.

In addition to the postproduction phase, we were in charge of the process of shooting a documentary short film for the Coca-Cola plant in Sudan.

Our role was to develop a brand strategy for Flora, identifying the brand identity, and developing its visual elements.

We were responsible for the management of Orooma’s YouTube Advertisements campaign in Rwanda in their extension operation, and the generation of 3 video promotions.

We provided strategy, content creation, daily designs, and reporting for KBCC's social media accounts.

In order to promote Sun Air Aviation through online channels, we planned, developed, and executed a local campaign.

We produced four short video clips designed to promote visitor and worker awareness, using a light animation style in Arabic and English.

Our role was to develop a brand strategy for Pure Scented Oils & Butter, identifying a brand name, brand identity, and packaging.

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