Our team created a UX/UI design proposal for Maydan's mobile app and a concept for their user themes that can be interchangeable.

Maydan UI/UX Design

Client brief

Maydan is a service that gives football clubs the chance to keep their fans up-to-date on news and information about their favorite sports teams and associations, and build up a fan base & boosts sales.

Project brief

Tenchologya team and their passion for sport along with technology were assigned for creating a UI/UX design proposal for the user experience of the user-facing mobile app and creating a concept for the interchangeable themes to keep fans updated with the latest news, press conferences, transfers & matches highlights. Creating a fan-zone for sports fans with an exceptional experience.

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The task was to create a brand strategy for Villa Factory for Furniture, which included creating the brand's visual aspects and identity.

As part of Sudacad's media production process, we created a highlight video for the facility and center.

In order to promote Sun Air Aviation through online channels, we planned, developed, and executed a local campaign.

Our team managed E4Impact social media in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, increasing the number of enrollees and fulfilling the campaign's objectives.

Our role was to develop a brand strategy for Almahdawi diagnostic center, identifying the brand identity, and developing its visual elements.

We planned, developed, and executed a national 360 campaign through offline and online channels for IOM RCCE COVID-19 response.

Our team covered Inmaa Poultry’s 2 major factories producing a video that highlighted the current facilities and ongoing projects.

For OXFAM, we produced a 2D animated video to communicate nutritional and food conservation messages.

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