We worked with Mala3eb managing various social media accounts in MENA and Gulf regions, conducting content in 7 countries.

Content Development for Mala3eb

Client brief

Mala3eb is an online sports platform covering daily, weekly, monthly sports activities all over the world, and news providing the best coverage of the various local, Arab, and international competitions, and by all possible means and ways.

Project brief

Tenchologya worked with Mala3eb managing various social media accounts for Mala3eb Platform management in MENA and Gulf regions, conducting content in 7 countries, as well as developing strategies, content creation, and daily creative designs, responding to various users inquiries and reporting by the end of the month.

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We designed the JCB billboards and social media campaign to increase brand awareness in order to conform with APS's strategic objectives.

We developed the entire Bundle of Joy platform's frontend and admin dashboard pertaining to web development and design.

Our team covered Inmaa Poultry’s 2 major factories producing a video that highlighted the current facilities and ongoing projects.

We created Al Hadatha Magazine website to include and maintain their growing database in a modern user-friendly layout.

For OXFAM, we produced a 2D animated video to communicate nutritional and food conservation messages.

In addition to the postproduction phase, we were in charge of the process of shooting a documentary short film for the Coca-Cola plant in Sudan.

Our team created a UI/UX design proposal for Maydan's mobile app and creating a concept for their interchangeable user themes.

We managed to develop a result-driven brand identity for Sudasat that included a logo, print set, digital package, and giveaway kit.

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