Telecommunication and Postal Regulation Authority

Our task was to create a visually appealing and interactive website that reflected the brand and authority of TPRA.

TPRA Website Design & Development

Client brief

The National Telecommunications Authority was established in September 1996 with the aim of providing an effective regulatory framework and appropriate controls to ensure fair competition and protect the interests of subscribers. As a governmental organ, the Authority shall exercise its organizational functions with appropriate independence, powers, and competencies to carry out its duties effectively.

Project brief

Tenchologya Helped TPRA in the roadmaping process of the new website cutting the clutter and redundancy found in the old website roadmap/structure following that was the design and development process of an aesthetically pleasing responsive website with the latest design trends which reflected new TPRA Brand and Authority Divisions, structure, services, apps, license, download stamp gallery, ways to contact the authority.

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