Khartoum Breast Care Centre (KBCC)

For the Khartoum Breast Care Center website, we completely redesigned and built a brand-new web development process with a detailed roadmap in multiple languages.

KBCC Website Development

Client brief

Getting to know The Khartoum Breast Care Centre (KBCC) The Khartoum Breast Care Centre (KBCC) is a non-profit organization that was privetly founded in October 2010. Not stopping at being Sudan's only specialized and multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Center but they also have managed to establish an elite standard for specialized medical services in Sudan by utilizing advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment and highly dedicated and qualified physicians and support staff. KBCC encompasses not only Sudan but also neighboring countries (Chad, South Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia).

Project brief

As KBCC is an advanced destination in the medical field, Tenchologya took it upon themselves to present the website that completed the puzzle. With a team of brilliant developers, designers Tenchologya redesigned and built a new web development process to KBCC website with a new roadmap in multiple languages EN/AR alongside a professional photo session to highlight the center, team, devices, rooms, management, threats to those with breast cancer., FAQ, and ways to contact the center.

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