First Peak at Sudan’s Digital Agency’s refreshed look

The pioneering digital-focused agency in Sudan has launched their new look for 2021, introducing a refreshed and a total change of their existing brand. The agency has started in 2015 as a segment in a tech variety show which later evolved due to high demand into the first specialized digital agency in Sudan.

The new rebrand showcases the brand’s true color and reflects its identity without straying from the true calling of the agency and its mission. A rebrand is frowned upon as a common misconception that the audience will no longer recognize the already established brand.

So, why would a brand such as TENCHOLOGYA take such a step?

The CEO of TENCHOLOGYA, Moumen Mohammed stated:

This rebrand will establish us in a growing and ever changing market and the international landscape, setting ourselves apart from competition, while staying true to our true self and will reconnect us with our existing audiences locally and internationally.

TENCHOLOGYA offers a variety of services that are unique, from media production, passing through website design & development, social media services, visual content such as graphic design services to app design and development. The new rebrand pays homage to the origin of the brand while making sure it creates a strong statement that changes will always have the upper hand in business.

For the year 2022, TENCHOLOGYA plans to compete within not only regional but international benchmarks, thus the brand visuals reflect this ambition and beyond.

The new-look which granted appears powerful and bold reflects the old humble beginnings of TENCHOLOGYA and maintains its humanized sense of brand, with intense colors and pattern, TENCHOLOGYA will definitely catch the eyes of passers.

The dynamic new look will reflect the brand’s history and its vision to prepare the market’s understanding of branding and prepare it for TENCHOLOGYA’s future.


TENCHOLOGYA has revamped the digital industry in Sudan by becoming the first Digital specialized agency in Sudan. The agency was established in 2015 when its founders transformed a tech variety tv host into a small hub for freelancers and now to one of the most versatile and evolving agencies in the country.

Though TENCHOLOGYA has found the digital aspect of media as its niche; the agency offers a variety of other services such as media production to create the specially curated content for its broad clientele.

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