The future of AR marketing in Sudan!

From pre-viewing how the new furniture you’re thinking of buying would look like in your room, to bringing an iconic childhood character into the real world, for you to capture, the augmented reality, known also as AR, made itself a concrete tactic for brands to grow and retain high brand loyalty results. AR can capture the attention span for over 85 seconds, raise the interaction rate by over 20 %, and improve the click rates for purchasing by 33%, according to The Drum reports states.

AR technology revolves around the audience, from a UGC tactical aspect. It generates excitement followed by a feeling of trust as the desired product is in real dimensions, integrated with our real environment creating a loyalty bond with the brand.

This has proven to be a cost-efficient tactic, as it significantly

  • Increased purchasing
  • Reduced purchase returns
  • High brand awareness levels and new segments unlocking.
  • Easier prototype testing and customer feedback

ARtGlass is a good example of a tourism adaptation for augmented reality to create immersive, educational, and memorable experiences. Bringing the world’s most iconic landmarks around you so you can view the details regular pictures won’t show you as your turn for a dynamic, educational, and inspiring tour in your existing space

Early Birds

We are oriented around technology, and as we believe technology exists to serve humanity’s needs we early adopted the technology. Studying and implementing the technology for the best ways and practices AR can be put for to serve the Sudanese market.

Yes, We Did!

We’ve been so thrilled to be the first Sudanese Agency, to fully in-house develop and execute an AR marketing campaign, for a Sudanese brand. Being none other than the well-known flagship makeup artist, Ola Badree, we developed a campaign that allowed her mega audience to experience having her signature eyeliner look, and emphasize the natural beauty each of us holds.

Sowe created a well-responsive clean-looking AR filter for Instagram, having the signature look with the eyeliner, and minor retouching that respects every look, tone, and feature. Assuring they are embraced rather than changed.

Outstanding Results

The results came fast, hit over 100K impressions in less than 30 minutes, being badged as #TrendSetters on Instagram. And that has led to a 2900% improvement in Reach within the first 72 hours, resulting in a 33+% increment in TENCHOLOGYA’s follower base.

Proofing the strong impact and high engagement levels your audience are willing to show when they become a part of the experience.

Find out the best practices for AR marketing and other technology tactics, endorse your brand loyalty and speak directly to your audience through meaningful campaigns with TENCHOLOGYA.