As a creative design agency, we worked with Sudani on a number of campaigns and social media designs.

Sudani Campaign Designs

Client brief

Sudani Telecom is one of the Local operating Telecom companies in Sudan it's private/government sector operating company operating all over Sudan offering a wide variety of telecom services including Sim cards, internet connection solutions, enterprises solutions, they also have one of the best datacenters classes in Africa.

Project brief

Tenchologya worked with Sudani as a creative design agency to help them with the design process to a number of brochures, posters, rollups, stands, campaigns, and social media designs.

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As part of Sudacad's media production process, we created a highlight video for the facility and center.

We planned, developed, and executed a national 360 campaign through offline and online channels for IOM RCCE COVID-19 response.

We created and designed the Al Hadatha Magazine website to accommodate and maintain their expanding database in a contemporary user-friendly layout.

We were responsible for the management of Orooma’s YouTube Advertisements campaign in Rwanda in their extension operation, and the generation of 3 video promotions.

For OXFAM, we produced a 2D animated video to communicate nutritional and food conservation messages.

In addition to the postproduction phase, we were in charge of the process of shooting a documentary short film for the Coca-Cola plant in Sudan.

Our task was to create a visually appealing and interactive website that reflected the brand and authority of TPRA.

We worked with Mala3eb managing various social media accounts in MENA and Gulf regions, conducting content in 7 countries.

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